Detalhes, Ficção e Notícias do Brasil

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La OCDE y Transparencia Internacional alertan do decisiones do los tres poderes con potencial por revertir los avances por los últimos años contra la malversación

On another front, Carlos Bolsonaro very quickly posted on his twitter[104] (and later deleted) the audio logs of the porter's calls on the day of the murder. However, this raised more questions than it answered:

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Rafael Marques de Morais is an Angolan journalist and anti-corruption activist who received several international awards for his reporting on conflict diamonds and government corruption in Angola. He currently heads the anti-corruption watchdog Maka Angola.

Dodge deu sinal por apoio à continuidade da operação Lava Jato ao renovar por Ainda mais um ano a estrutura da força-tarefa de que atua em Curitiba

El fallo STF del tribunal deja en libertad a la líder opositora tras 13 meses detenida de manera preventiva por el escándalo del 'caso Odebrecht'

During the pandemic, it News Brazil ran full throttle to spew falsehoods everywhere it could[79], whether it was to say chloroquine was the miracle drug with cem% efficiency, that "the cousin of Lula STF a friend died but the cause of death was registered as COVID-19", that the coffins were actually empty or, more often, to attack anyone that dares say Bolsonaro might be wrong on anything. Ex-supporters only "find out" about that once they get on the wrong end of the attack campaigns.

The Health Ministry, which had a page keeping track of all deaths, took it down to pamper the dear leader. The numbers come from what news outlets can gather from state and municipal Health Secretaries.

El político está acusado por lavado do dinero en el marco do las investigaciones por el 'caso Lava Jato'

A empresa se isentou de responsabilidade em caso do efeitos colaterais da vacina - de que Bolsonaro disse Lava Jato retoricamente poderia transformar algufoim em um crocodilo e eles não seriam responsáveis.

—Jair Bolsonaro dedicated his vote in 2016 for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff of the corrupt PT to the deceased General Brilhante Ustra, a former general convicted of torture and kidnapping during the military dictatorship[29] who was in charge of DOI-CODI, a facility where she was held imprisoned as an anti-government guerrilla fighter.

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